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Administrative Assistant to the Social Care Team


Ashby Village is seeking a volunteer to provide administrative support to the Village Social Care Team. The administrative assistant would be trained by and work under the direction of Dr. Hilda Hernández-Gravelle to:


·        Develop office systems and perform a range of duties in support of the Social Care program

·        Produce finished documents from drafts or verbal instructions

·        Format PowerPoint presentations

·        Research assigned topics related to senior care

·        Assist in the crafting and administration of Team surveys

·        Record minutes for two monthly Social Care Team meetings



·        Interest in social care services for older adult populations

·        Strong organizational and administrative skills

·        Solid computer systems knowledge

·        Strong writing skills

·        Excellent interpersonal communication skills

·        Ability to work independently with general supervision

·        Knowledge of Village mission and organization structure


Time commitment is up to 7-10 hrs/week. There is telecommuting flexibility, and the position will require in-office time to work directly with the Social Care Coordinator and attend meetings to record minutes.

Please contact Hilda Hernández-Gravelle
Ashby Village • 1821 Catalina Ave • Berkeley, CA 94707 • (510) 204-9200