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(includes Claremont and Elmwood districts) Seeking 2 volunteers

Job Responsibilities (with collaboration and support of Beth Burnside and another Neighborhood Group Council member):  
- Arrange, announce, and manage one or more events per month for Clarewood AV members and volunteers  (possible examples from other groups include happy hours at local bars, lunches at local restaurants, potluck lunches or dinners, teas, speakers, music events, etc.)
- Maintain current roster and mailing list of Clarewood Members and volunteers (information provided from the AV office)  
- Submit information about Clarewood event dates and times in advance to the AV office to include in the calendar  
- Record attendees at Clarewood events on a form and submit attendance form to AV office once a quarter  
- Attend Neighborhood Group Council meetings once a month (2nd Thursdays, 2-4 PM)

Background and Skills:
- organizational skills, basic computer skills,  email, word, excel,  enthusiasm for working with AV members and for AV’s community building efforts!  

Training and Supervision:  
Beth Burnside and another NG Coordinator from the Neighborhood Group Council would work with the volunteer to share procedures and experience from other neighborhood groups and help plan and carry out initial events.  

Hours per week/month:
Arranging an event can take a few hours to plan and organize initially but less as routine is established.  

We encourage Neighborhood Groups to have two Coordinators and also establish a Steering Committee from the Neighborhood Group membership, so the time would be shared.
The clerical aspects are very minor, requiring at most one or two hours per month.  Attending Neighborhood Group Council requires two hours per month.  All but the actual events (or even that!) could be done from home.  

Contact: Beth Burnside, Chair Neighborhood Group Council