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Letter from the Executive Director:

An Invitation to Step Up

July 2017 is another milestone: It marks the seventh anniversary of Ashby Village. What better way to celebrate than to gather for an Open House in our new offices, and to inaugurate the new Village Gallery exhibit space with a special photo exhibition, entitled “Reframing Aging.” This exhibition, which features a dozen of our remarkable members, is an expression of our community’s core mission—to frame the concept and experience of aging in new, vital ways.


Our Village is entering a new era, alive with growth and expansion both within our organization and out into the larger community. And the engine that drives it? It’s the active and meaningful service to the Village by our members and volunteers.


Many of the people featured in the exhibition are striking examples of dynamic people who have stepped up to lead and organize the rich mosaic of teams, committees, and boards that help the Village to thrive. Outreach, event planning, communications, fund raising, Neighborhood Group organizing—all these and more are available to any and all members and volunteers who want to follow their example and take on the vital work of building our community. If you’re already an experienced manager or leader, you can continue to exercise those skills. And if you want to develop those abilities, you, too, are welcome to join one of our teams, and perhaps move on to become another Ashby Village leader.


Step up, and help our Village reframe what it means to be a community. Call us (510 204 9200) or send us an email (

Executive Director
Andy Gaines