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HomeSummer of Love 2018 Volunteer Appreciation Party
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Summer of Love - Volunteer appreciation, June 9, 2018

On a warm, sunny June afternoon, Ashby Village celebrated the generous spirit and service of all of our volunteers with a “Summer of Love” themed Volunteer Appreciation Event.  More than 80 volunteers enjoyed late 1960's music, trivia, fun facts and food like “Mom” used to make: grilled cheese sandwiches, meat loaf, Jell-O mold salads, Lipton onion soup dip with Ruffles potato chips and pineapple upside down cake to name a few.  We all got into the spirit by wearing flowers in our hair, peace buttons, John Lennon round glasses, bell bottoms, fringe and lace. 


As we munched on food and shared stories of “What were you doing in 1967?” we were entertained by the slideshow of photos of ourselves now and back then. It’s hard to believe… were we ever truly that young? What a nostalgic trip

Thank you to all Ashby Village volunteers!  Peace and Love.  


Ashby Village Board Member Pat Sussman summed it up beautifully:


What can I say about Saturday's celebration of our Ashby Village volunteers?  There are so many superlatives. " Classy" comes to mind first. Then of course there is "creative" and "thoughtful". I certainly can't forget "amazing", "clever", and "delicious" (especially those potato chips with onion dip).  Oh, of course the pineapple upside down cakes and amazing grilled cheese sandwiches, and the artistic jello awed everyone.

Thank you for all the hours of planning and cooking - so many volunteers I talked to were excited and touched by the thank you celebration.  One woman said that she was telling a group of friends that she's never experienced the "thoughtful and respectful way" she's been "cared for" -- "ever" as a volunteer.

You are all amazing and I'm so proud to be able to hang out with all of you!


Pat Sussman ~ Ashby Villlage Board Member/Co-founder

Check out the Summer of Love Event!

Summer of Love Volunteer Appreciation June 2018
NOTE: Please contact the office for digital copies of photos.